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3. Data Description
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5. Terms of Data Use

North Pertherton Carnival, Somerset

Three Shire Stone, Bedfordshire / Northamptonshire / Huntingdonshire

1. Introduction to Project

The Historic County Borders Project is digitising the borders of the historic counties of the United Kingdom at a scale of 1:100000 and making them available for public and commercial use. The Historic County Borders Project is managed by the Historic Counties Trust.

The 92 historic counties of the UK form the most natural geographical framework in many contexts, particularly in the fields of history, geography, education and in the heritage and tourism industries. However, the geography of the historic counties has been underused in all of these fields. A major reason for this has been the lack of a digitised dataset of the historic county borders, essential in the era of computerised mapping and GIS. The Historic County Borders Project aims to put right this deficiency.

The project is closely based on the Historic Counties Standard, which provides a comprehensive definition of the names, areas and borders of the historic counties of the UK.

A description of the Project Aims, Project Methodology and Project Status can be found in the Project Description.

Two products can be downloaded from the Data Download page:

An explanation of the format and contents of these products can be found in the Data Description.

The data are intended to be freely available for all public use. Users should, however, consult the Terms of Data Use first.

Latest News: The dataset is now complete for the Historic Counties of England and Wales (52 counties). The dataset is now available in GoogleEarth (KMZ) format.

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