1. Introduction to Project
2. Project Description
3. Data Description
5. Terms of Data Use

4. Data Download

The data downloadable from this page is available for public use. Users are, however, asked to read the Terms of Use before download. Two products can be downloaded:

Historic County Borders Database

This can be downloaded in CSV format. Please see Data Description for a full explanation of the contents of the database.

Download Historic_County_Borders_Database.csv. (Historic Counties Standard Definition A).

Digitised Historic County Border Data

The digitised border data are being made available in Google Earth (KMZ) and Arcview Shape (SHP) format. Please see Data Description for a full explaination of the contents of the data format. To download, click on the file name.

Historic_Counties_of_England_and_Wales.zipGoogleEarth KMZ format. Historic Counties Standard (Definition A).
Historic_Counties_of_England&Wales_OSGB.zipArcview Shape (SHP) format. Projection: OS National Grid. Historic Counties Standard (Definition A).
Historic_Counties_of_England&Wales_longlat.zipArcview Shape (SHP) format. Projection: Long and Lat. Historic Counties Standard (Definition A).

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